RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018

As this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018 draws to a close tomorrow, why not think about re-designing your garden with an Exterior Garden Marble Sculpture made by Simon Burns-Cox.


Simon Burns-Cox has created a beautiful new luxury handcrafted Marble and Stone Exterior Garden Sculpture Collection for all types of Garden and Outdoor Space.  The sculptures are made in a wide range of contemporary designs and come in all dimensions. They are handcrafted and highly polished with the use of hand tools and modern machinery and technologies. Made to order with a four to six week delivery timescale and bespoke commissions are available where the client is able to create their own design.


Highland by Simon Burns-Cox


Sculpture is often used as a focal point in a garden but it can be equally used to lead you to other parts of the hidden garden along paths or areas tucked under trees or walls. A garden sculpture or relief is like a piece of art in a gallery with the surroundings acting as a backdrop to the work. You need to consider the size, shape, colour and texture of the work. Stone and Marble are particularly good for sculpture in a garden: the materials are durable and blend in well with nature. Before placing the sculpture in a garden, you also need to think about the light, space and the surrounding landscape. Water and lighting also interact well with sculpture creating an illusion and a more complex and enchanting environment. Some of the most popular types of outdoor sculpture reflect nature, abstract forms and human heads or figures.

If you would like to purchase or commission a sculpture for your garden, there is a fixed cost and payment in advance is required before the work commences with a written commission agreement. A certificate of authenticity is available. If a sculpture needs to be installed, it will be securely fixed into position and the aftercare and maintenance of the work will be discussed with the client.

Please do not hesitate to contact Simon Burns-Cox at or visit his website at to discuss your requirements. Simon’s work is sold throughout the UK and overseas and can be delivered by courier at an additional cost.

Simon Burns-Cox is an Associate Member of The Letter Exchange and a Licentiate Member of The Society of Designer Craftsmen, London.

Featured in the March and April 2018 issues of the stylish magazine ‘ The World of Interiors’ and ‘The Great Outdoors’