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Lockwood and Rudyard Kipling

Lockwood and Rudyard Kipling


Lockwood Kipling: Arts and Crafts in The Punjab and London

Further to my recent blogs about The Arts and Crafts Movement, why not visit The Victoria and Albert Museum in London where there is an Exhibition about Lockwood Kipling: Arts and Crafts in The Punjab and London starting on Saturday 14th January 2017.

John Lockwood Kipling was another member of The Arts and Craft Movement and father to Rudyard. He was born in 1837 in Pickering, North Yorkshire, and died in Tisbury, Wiltshire in 1911. He began life as a modeller in pottery undertaking a seven year apprenticeship in Burslem while attending evening classes at The Stoke School of Art.  It was here that he met his future wife, Alice MacDonald.

The Stoke School of Art was linked to The South Kensington Museum which led Kipling to spend two years in London as a junior assistant to the sculptor J Birnie Philip as an architectural sculptor. There he developed his skills in modelling in terracotta and carved bas-reliefs. The South Kensington Museum then became the headquarters of the School of Ornamental Art eventually becoming The Royal College of Art.

It was after this period that Kipling moved with his wife to India where he became professor of architectural sculpture at the Jeejeebhoy School of Art in Bombay and later the principal. In 1870-1872, Kipling was asked to make a tour of the Punjab and it was here that he made a series of sketches of Indian craftsmen which can be seen today in The Victoria and Albert Museum.  In 1875, Kipling was appointed the Principal of The Mayo School of Industrial Arts in Lahore (which is now Pakistan’s National College of Arts) and The Curator of The Lahore Museum.

John Lockwood Kipling was a great advocate for the revival of traditional arts and crafts in India.  Many of his friends and family were involved in The Arts and Crafts Movement as Alice’s sister, Georgina, was married to Edward Burne-Jones, the pre-Raphaelite painter and her brother knew William Morris.

The 19th century Arts and Crafts revival in British India was a fascinating period in the history of art and design but John Lockwood Kipling received very little recognition as a designer and architectural sculptor, curator and educator, illustrator and journalist. This Exhibition sets out to display his work and achievements.

The Victoria and Albert Museum is in the process of building another Museum in Dundee, Scotland which is expected to open in June 2018.