Art in the Garden

Saturday 12 May to Sunday 14 October 2018

Sir Harold Hillier Gardens continues to showcase exciting new sculptures for Art in the Garden’s 19th year. We are welcoming several new artists this year with sculptures ranging from willow, ceramics, stone, glass, copper and many recycled materials.

Ptolemy Elrington is a new artist to Art in the Garden and has created a range of different creatures. They are made from found hubcaps from the roadside and used car bumpers which are transformed into incredible sculptures of a Falcon, Eagle Owl, Fox and Peacock. The ingenuity behind his creations is very exciting and they offer a unique approach to recycling.  Simon Burns-Cox is another new artist, his large, circular marble carvings make a dramatic backdrop to Jermyn’s House. They are carved from guatemalan marble and highlight the delicate intricacies of the marble veins. Will Carr is also exhibiting for the first time and his elegant, wind sculpture ‘Tranfiguration’ creates a striking outline at the top of the Valley of Fire: its gently rotating arms perform a beautiful, abstract ballet in the air.

We are delighted to welcome back Stanley Jankowski.  He has proved to be one of our best selling artists with his exquisitely crafted, kinetic sculptures. He was recently featured in the Financial Times which explained how Stan came to create these beautiful sculptures having started work for a company that welded motorbike frames. Working on bespoke designs his creativity led him to weather vanes and then his mesmorising and lustrous wind sculptures.

Art in the Garden is a true highlight of the year attracting many new visitors to the Gardens. Curator, Jo Field explains, ‘We aim to display the sculptures in a sympathetic way so that they work with the natural surroundings. We are so fortunate that our beautiful Gardens can be transformed into stunning, garden galleries. The breadth and range of different sculptures is always fascinating and adds a new vibrancy to the Gardens, with the opportunity for our visitors to purchase a work of art for their own garden paradise.’

Curator Jo Field, carefully chooses the locations for the sculptures throughout the Gardens, explaining

the installation of sculptures into our beautifully landscaped gardens creates an added dynamism and interest

View a selection of sculptures on display in the gardens