THE BATTLE OF THE SOMME JULY 1916 and Simon Burns-Cox

The Battle of The Somme July 1916 and Simon Burns-Cox.

Today is the centenary of The Battle of The Somme (1st July 1916).  To mark this historic event, the moving Marble Sculpture FRANCE 1914 by Simon Burns-Cox is on display at The Peoples’ Palace Museum, Glasgow until March 2017. The Sculpture is made of Black and Gold Portoro Marble and was designed to represent the last remaining tree on the battlefront standing in a desolate landscape but a symbol of hope.


‘FRANCE 1914’ will then move onto The Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Glasgow for the year 2017-18 and The Riverside Museum, Glasgow from 2018-19.  It was made in aid of Poppy Scotland, a charity which looks after the welfare of War Veterans. At the end of the Exhibition, the Sculpture will be auctioned in aid of the Charity.


You should visit The Peoples’ Palace Museum, Glasgow today and see the beautiful sculpture ‘FRANCE 1914’ by Simon Burns-Cox



France 1914 - Black Marble

France 1914 by Simon Burns-Cox